Professional legal translation: a highly specialized field

Professional legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires accuracy and consistency and a thorough understanding of law. Our legal translators, who are specialized in law, understand the importance of every detail and that the slightest mistake can have major consequences.

With Mytranslation, your legal translation needs are in good hands. We have the necessary expertise for specific legal translation projects, and you can rest assured that we will deliver high quality work as well as respect strict deadlines.

Professional legal translation for a wide range of projects

Mytranslation provides professional legal translation services for a wide range of documents: contracts, witness statements, legal decisions, patents, transcripts, official reports, financial documents, legal information, identity documents… We can provide professional legal translation services in 40 language combinations and we have a network of legal translators based all over the world and ready to translate your legal documents, whether for business or private needs, at competitive prices.

Professional legal translation at competitive rates

Our professional translation platform can manage all your legal translation needs. Our network consists of the experts needed for legal translation. Our professional translators are all qualified and have been thoroughly tested before allowing them to work with us. All our legal translators translate into their native languages only. Mytranslation therefore guarantees human translation which is best adapted for legal translation projects.


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 10 reviews
by Isabelle P. on
On time deliveries

They even deliver bulk orders on time, without any delays! This is really great as I’ve had a few bitter experiences with other companies.

by Veronica P. on
Clearly professional

I needed a complicated text translated. Mytranslation was able to find me a specialised translator in the subject field who did a fantastic job of reproducing my work into Spanish.

by Anaïs N. on
Good rates

We often have translation needs and Mytranslation have the cheapest rates I’ve come across yet. In addition to that, the quality of the translations we’ve received have always been exceptionally good. I really recommend this service.

by Charlotte T. on
Very happy

I’ll continue to use their service.

by Leo T. on
Nice work!

I am fully satisfied with the context-accuracy of the translations I’ve had done with this platform.

by Juliette V. on
Simply awesome

Great service! Saved me a lot of time and much cheaper than other translation services!

by Kevin N. on
Kudos to the team!

The customer support team have catered my every need from step one till the final output! The entire experience was a total breeze.

by Livya T. on
Very friendly assistance

The customer support guys were very good, they gave friendly and instant replies to all my questions

by Judith S. on

This platform is great. It’s much easier and cheaper than traditional translation agencies and the quality is just as good!

by Beatriz C. on
Definitely recommend this service!

This website is just sooo simple to use. It literally just takes a few clicks to launch a project and because it’s done by professional translators, the quality is always good. I’ve used the service a dozen times for marketing content, I strongly recommend Mytranslation.